Cyber Security

To achieve the robust protection of the companies’ applications and networks. Our security experts develop a personal approach to each customer based on best practices and experience.

Area of Concentration

  • Penetration Testing

    Our end-to-end, multi-layered penetration testing mimics real-life attacks to reveal whether your operations (both manual and digital) are secure. We evaluate the strength and resilience of your systems, including web apps, IoT devices, Wi-Fi, network and more.

  • Cyber Attack Simulation

    Our professionals performs cyber attack simulations to test all of your security controls (human, digital, and physical) by implementing the same tools that a sophisticated attacker would use.

  • Information System Security Evaluation

    With big data, IoT networks, legacy systems, and other moving parts, it can be difficult to identify the software that’s right for your organization. This is where our professionals comes in, helping you make the right call when it comes to comparing and selecting security products.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Security Evaluation

    With this service, our professionals evaluates your cloud security by identifying misconfigurations, unwarranted access, software vulnerabilities, and more. Its key goals are to strengthen security posture, access control, and management, and at the same time improve auditing and monitoring, incident management, data protection, network security, and compliance.

  • Cyber Incident Response

    Our team of professionals are on-call at any time of day or night to help you quickly respond to and stop any cybersecurity attack. We get involved immediately, end threats decisively, and get your business back on track speedily. We are prepared to handle any threat, whether it’s a data breach, compromised network, or something else entirely – our incident response team will help you quash it for good.