Bulk SMS

Now you can reach your organizational people with the phone already in their pocket with the help of our flexible web-based system for managing SMS in an organization.

There is no need of a smartphone. With a mobile phone that supports SMS you can conduct more than 70% of services provided by our platform. It will cost you one SMS to broadcast up to 1500 contacts, with a normal charge which your network provider charges you per sms. Our platform provides you with a detailed information in each of it's services. It doesn't need an expert to manage our platform.

Area of Concentration

  • Broadcasting

    With your phone you can send SMS to your customers / organizational people at once. You do not need to save contacts of all the people in your phone anymore. UjamaaSMS helps you to keep your contacts.

  • Grouping

    Our platform enables you to group your contacts and simplifies sending information to particular group intended. You can create as many groups as you can because our platform allows unlimited number of groups.

  • Research

    Our platform enables you to gather opinions and ideas about different issues such as quality of services in your organization/business. The collected information can be exported to pdf or excel files for further use.

  • Scheduling

    You can command an information to be sent to a certain group at particular date and time. Our platform also allows your schedule to repeat automatically (daily, weekly or monthly) regardless of whether your phone is switched on or off during intended time.

  • Subscription

    People can join to your phonebook (system phonebook) through SMS and be able to regularly receive various information about your company or organization.

  • Sharing Info

    Static Info is an our unique service which enables you to give details of a product or an issue to both registered and non registered customers.