Who We Are

Founded in 2010, Zutrax is a premier Information Technology consulting organization in various industries. Located in Dar es Salaam, Zutrax continues to participate in the innovative delivery of technology solutions to both small and large companies primarily in the United Republic of Tanzania and Africa.

At the core of Zutrax solutions is a proprietary integration of strategic business and profit initiatives with leading technologies using our Unified Business Framework Methodology.

Key Values

The tri-variant integration of key operational aspects of organizations, our Strategic Application of Information Technology allows us to:1234

Our professionals have the expertise, proven methodologies, and tools to help you plan, deploy, optimize and manage the complex, multi-vendor IT systems infrastructure that enables your e-business and operations.

  • 1 - Continuously discover new linkages between Business Goals and Effective IT solutions.
  • 2 - Build flexible, robust and high-performance IT infrastructures.
  • 3 - Provide rapid deployment of solutions using Open Standards.
  • 4 - Exploit the Internet and Information Technology to create competitive advantages of our clients in the market place.


Supporting organizations to provide better and value adding services causing a meaningful change in Africa and World Wide.


Become a renowned partner in moving Africa forward through our innovative professional services under Strategic Application of Information Technology.

Service Build

Zutrax Enterprise Services are build upon:123

  • 1 - Systematic analysis leading to an understanding of the underlying forces driving business success, expressed in terms of corporate, market and Competitive objectives and strategies.
  • 2 - Develop a coherent IT strategy based on the systematic analysis against which any future technology decisions will be based. Utilizing both short and long-term detailed technology forecast.
  • 3 - Build and deploy advanced, effective and adaptive and solutions based on the systematic analysis and the coherent IT strategy using open standards and our highly skilled professional.


Mbaki Mutahaba - Founder & Director

Has 20+ years of experience in IT management and consulting, with wide range of placement across USA and Tanzania.

Calvin Mitti - InfoSec & Data Analyst

Expertise in IT Security Management, Corporate IT Governance, Risk and IS Controls & Audit, Cyber Security Monitoring, Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessments (VAPTs).

Walid Kambagha - System Engineer

Has concentrated experience in Network & Security, Systems & Software Development, Maintenance & Support as well as managing teams to deliver in timely manner using technical and managerial techniques.

Ritha Mongi - Operations Manager

Equipped with strong track record of leadership, project management, strategy and operation in both corporate and start-ups.

Godwin Princepius - Support Engineer

With passion in support and maintance, Godwin is a leader in our support department making sure that all our customers are well served and on time. VAPTs are also his area of expertise.

Leah Karunde - Financial Controller

Expertise in tax, auditing and compliance across multiple sectors including Mining, Oil & Gas, Financial, Telecommunication, Agricultural & Manufacturing.